Scott van Gemert Music

"...One of the most talented and unique large ensemble composers in the country right now... he most definitely ranks among the most exciting young contemporary jazz musicians going around" - Ross Irwin (The Cat Empire), 2016
"Scott has that rare gift of being a jazz musician who understands and draws on the tradition, whilst being totally free to innovate and explore new sounds." - James Morrison AM, 2016

SvG 4tet

The SvG 4tet is an ensemble led by Melbourne-based composer and trombonist Scott van Gemert. Formed in mid 2016, this group aims to push the boundaries of a chordless quartet by creating new sounds and performing pieces interwoven with improvisations from the ensemble. Presenting all original compositions and arrangements by Scott specifically written for the musicians in the band, this ensemble plays to the varied strengths and unique voices of the individuals creating a mixed and diverse program of different jazz styles. The ensemble has recently had performances in Victoria and South Australia, at esteemed venues such as the Uptown Jazz Café, Morrison’s Jazz Club and the Paris Cat Jazz Club.

The members of the SvG 4tet are:

-Scott van Gemert - Trombone/Compositions
-Flora Carbo – Alto Saxophone
-Isaac Gunnoo – Double Bass
-Luke Andresen – Drums

SvG 8tet

SvG 8tet @ Morrison's Jazz Club 10/11/2017

Featuring a powerful five-piece horn section with rhythm section, the SvG 8tet plays Scott’s unique and distinctive arrangements of the music of Thelonious Monk and John Coltrane, as well as original compositions. The 8tet has featured Australian jazz legends such as Eugene Ball and Carl Mackey, as well as some of the brightest young musicians around such as Luke Andresen, Kade Brown and Bernard Alexander.

The 8tet recently performed at Uptown Jazz Café as part of the Melbourne Jazz Co-Op program for a sold out crowd to honour the final night of the Melbourne Improvisers’ Collective organisation, as well as performances at other venues around Australia.

Unbroken Trio 2.jpeg

Unbroken Trio

Lead by trombonist and composer Scott van Gemert, the Unbroken Trio plays original music that focuses on the collective sound of the ensemble. Also featuring Theo Carbo (guitar) and Maddison Carter (drums and percussion), these three unique musical voices come together to create an array of improvised sounds in a highly interactive setting.


The SvG3 Jazz Trio is run by trombonist and singer Scott van Gemert. We play swinging jazz standards, with an intimate vibe that creates a lovely chilled atmosphere in a venue, perfect for functions and events.